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I Made a Magazine.

Locally-sourced craft stories made by hand.

Sort of.

I love writing. I love thinking. But sometimes thinking too much gets in the way of writing. A few years ago I used a big bonus check to buy the cheapest typewriter readily available on Amazon and got to work. It was a bizarre feeling to write without the ability to edit. And it completely changed the way I relate to composing stories.

Everything I have written on this site has started in analog typewriter form. Some of these drafts were given to friends and family as a Christmas present, but many more live in solitude in my basement office.

I love the look and feel of these typewritten drafts and interacting with them gives a reading experience unlike what I’m used to. You learn to be more forgiving. You learn to take your time. You learn that the written word thrives in physical form.

I compiled many of my favorite essays about beauty in the ordinary. Physical objects. Physical people. Physical experiences. Available in physical form.

I would love for you to buy and read this. I won’t make money— has a business to run— but I do want you to be able to hold this in your hands. Reading works best that way.

Click on this thing to buy:

I Bought a Typewriter: Volume 1

Here’s what people are saying about I Bought a Typewriter: Volume 1:

“Finished your book the other day and was impressed by your candor and honesty.”

-Chris’s Mom

“I enjoyed this and read it all… You are an outstanding writer.”

-Chris’s Sister

“…but I guess what I’m trying to say is you misquoted Lucius Fox.”

-Chris’s Brother

By C.S. Beaty
Each year I make a list of the top 10 books I read that year. My reading choices seem to say something about me.
C.S. Beaty